(For Employees) Can a 3rd party participate or represent me in mediation sessions?

Last updated 14 Aug 2023

No. The Employment Claims Act requires the parties to a mediation to act in person, unless the employee is completely illiterate or has infirmity of mind or body.

If you would like to request for authorised representation, please raise it to your assigned mediator if you have filed a case.

Documents required for the application and assessment of authorised representation would include:

1. Applicant’s NRIC
2. Proposed representative’s NRIC 
3. Documents to substantiate:
(i) relationship between applicant and representative (E.g. Birth or Marriage certificate) 
(ii) that applicant is unable to present his/her case (E.g. Certification from Doctor on the applicant’s condition, Letter of Probate or Family Court order)

Lawyers are not allowed to represent any party in mediation.

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