Note: If you have details of your outstanding salary claim, including the amount, you can submit your mediation request online with your Singpass. The next step will be a dispute resolution session at TADM.

Do take note of the time limit(s) to file your claim(s). If you have general queries on the Employment Act, please contact the Ministry of Manpower.

Getting Started

Disputes often arise due to misunderstanding or a lack of communication. Find out how you can solve disputes with the relevant parties

Understanding the dispute resolution process

  • Self-Resolution
  • Advisory
  • Mediation




If you have a dispute, you should first try to resolve the issue amicably with an open discussion with your employer. It also saves time and costs associated with mediation.

Key tips for a successful discussion

  • Understand your rights and obligations based on the Employment Act and your employment contract.
  • Explain the basis of your claim(s) with supporting documents.
  • Have a calm, open and honest discussion with the aim of resolving the issue. Seek to understand.
  • When a resolution is reached, put the agreed outcomes in writing for follow-up after the discussion. 


Advisory at TADM

Advisory at TADM

We offer advisory services only for employees and self-employed persons. We will explain the options available for managing an employment dispute. Depending on the case, we may recommend other partners who can help you.

Note: Employers may consider using the Employer Advisory Services at the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) to get advice.

Learn more through this video.


Mediation at TADM

Mediation at TADM

If you cannot resolve the dispute on your own, you may file a claim for mediation at the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM). Filing for mediation is required for statutory and contractual disputes covered under the Employment Claims Act (ECA) 2016.

Note: All claims must be lodged within the timeframe stated in the ECA. Find out when to file a claim.

Mediation aims to facilitate an amicable resolution between employees and employers. As a neutral party, we will assist both parties to arrive at fair outcomes based on legal and contractual obligations. The settlement agreement signed between both parties is legally binding.

If the dispute is unresolved at mediation, you can file a claim with the Employment Claims Tribunals (ECT) for determination.

Learn about TADM's mediation process.