bizSAFE Frequently Asked Questions

About bizSAFE

How do I get started on the workplace safety and health (WSH) in my company and embark on the bizSAFE Journey?

If your company is a small and medium enterprise (SME) and needs help to kickstart workplace safety and health (WSH) in your company, you may consider applying for StartSAFE. Please note that this free programme is on a first come, first served basis.

You may also wish to read the START Your Safety and Health @ Work guide for SMEs, to help you get started on your journey to manage safety and health at work.

Though bizSAFE is structured as a 5-step programme, your company may apply for a level directly as long as it meets the level's requirements. Learn more about the bizSAFE Programme, and the requirements to qualify for each level.

You may wish to first appoint:

  • a member from the top management to attend the CEO/ Top Management Workshop (bizSAFE Level 1); or
  • a RM Champion to attend the Workplace Safety and Health Control Measures Course (bizSAFE Level 2).

What are the documents required to apply for bizSAFE certification?

Though bizSAFE is structured as a five-step programme, your company may apply for a level directly as long as it meets the requirements of that particular level.

Please read about the supporting documents required to qualify for the various bizSAFE levels.

My company's Senior Management has already attended the bizSAFE Level 1 Workshop for CEOs/ Top Management. Does he/ she needs to attend the new Top Executive WSH Programme (TEWP)?

My company has attained certification in SS651/ ISO 45001. Why is there still a need to submit a Risk Management (RM) Implementation Audit Report to apply for bizSAFE Level STAR?

The RM Implementation Audits focuses on meeting the requirements in the Code of Practice on WSH Risk Management (RMCP),which has additional coverage on addressing risks from terrorism, disease outbreaks and mental health.

My company has been placed on the Business under Surveillance Programme. How do I reinstate my bizSAFE status?

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM)'s Business Under Surveillance (BUS) Programme helps companies with poor workplace safety and health records to develop or improve on their safety and health management system.

Once placed in BUS, your company's bizSAFE status would be suspended, and your company's information will be removed from bizSAFE Marketplace, and you may not distribute any company collaterals with the bizSAFE logo or status.

To reinstate and renew your company's bizSAFE status, please contact us with the following once your company has exited from the BUS Programme:


Apply for bizSAFE

How do I renew the bizSAFE recognition for my company?

Please note that bizSAFE Levels 1 and 2 are introductory levels to the bizSAFE Programme. The bizSAFE certificates for Levels 1 and 2 are valid for a period of 6 months from the date of approval, and are non-renewable once they expire.

We encourage companies to progress to bizSAFE Level 3 and above, which recognises that your company has conducted risk assessments for your workplace, in compliance with the requirements in the WSH (Risk Management) Regulations.

To renew your company's bizSAFE recognition for Level 3 and above, please complete and submit an online renewal application two months before the expiry date via bizSAFE Enterprise Application Form and attach the required documents. Your company's contact person and senior management representative will receive an automated acknowledgement email upon the submission of the application.

What are the fees and costs involved to get bizSAFE recognition?

It is free to apply for bizSAFE recognition. However, there will be costs involved when your company representative attends the relevant bizSAFE training and courses; and engages an auditor to conduct the Risk Management Implementation Audit.

I have just submitted my bizSAFE application to WSH Council. How long does it take to process the bizSAFE application?

It takes 10 working days from the date of submission. Once your application is approved, the bizSAFE e-certificate and logo will be sent to your company's senior management representative via email through our email You may wish to check that your junk mail folder and ensure that our email has been included in your 'safe senders' list.

Once the bizSAFE certificate is awarded, the bizSAFE status will be updated in bizSAFE e-Services, which will be updated on our website every two weeks.

Can I apply for bizSAFE if my company is not a locally-registered business?

Yes, the same requirements apply. Please ensure that the auditor whom you had appointed from the list of Accredited Auditing Organisation conducts the bizSAFE Level 3 RM Implementation Audit at your overseas workplace or site office.

Do I need to engage a consultant to apply for bizSAFE for my company?

Please submit the bizSAFE application on your own as there is risk of fraud or forgery if you delegate the application to your consultant.


bizSAFE e-Services

How do I check my company’s bizSAFE status or expiry date?

Beside the details stated in your bizSAFE e-Certificate, you can use bizSAFE self-help excel to check your bizSAFE Level, status and expiry date. Please renew your Company's bizSAFE status two months before it expires. 

The validity of each bizSAFE level is as follows:
bizSAFE   Validity from date of approval
Level 1
6 months 
Level 2
6 months 
Level 3
3 years* 
Level 4
3 years* 
STAR 3 years* 
* Valid for three years or upon expiry of the relevant external certifications (SCAL- SLOTS, JCI, Responsible Care, ISO 45001, SS 651), whichever is earlier.

How do I update bizSAFE records if there are changes to my company’s particulars/personnel?

Please submit your request here to update:

  • senior management’s particulars;
  • contact person’s particulars;
  • new company’s name but same UEN. Please email the new ACRA certificate to 

However, if there is a change of the Unique Entity Number (UEN), please submit a new bizSAFE Enterprise Application. As bizSAFE applications are tagged to the UEN, we are unable to update the records. 

How can I obtain a copy of my company’s bizSAFE certificate?

Please submit your request here for a copy of:

  • bizSAFE logo (Only for bizSAFE Level 3 and above)
  • bizSAFE e-certificate (For expired certificates or expiring in less than 3 months, only the bizSAFE certificate number will be provided)
  • bizSAFE certificate number

Can I print the bizSAFE logo on my company name card? 

The bizSAFE logo is a registered trademark. Only enterprises that have received a bizSAFE status awarded by the WSH Council are allowed to apply the logo on their collateral, like name cards, brochures and posters. Enterprises are only allowed to apply the logo that corresponds to the bizSAFE level which they have attained.^

The bizSAFE logo communication guide helps bizSAFE enterprises by clearly defining the parameters for the use of the bizSAFE logo for all communication applications. Actions will be taken by the WSH Council on the enterprise for abuse of the bizSAFE logo.

^Note: As bizSAFE Levels 1 and 2 are introductory levels of the bizSAFE Programme with a validity period of only 6 months and are non-renewable; companies are not recommended to print bizSAFE Levels 1 or 2 logos in their marketing collaterals as they have to be removed after 6 months. However, words in the collaterals like ‘bizSAFE Level 1 or Level 2 -recognised’ are permissible. 

For bizSAFE levels 3 and above, high-resolution logos will be provided together with the bizSAFE e-Certificates.

I have already attended the bizSAFE course, but I cannot find my company’s name in the bizSAFE listing? 

Employees or individuals who have attended bizSAFE courses does not automatically grant your company's bizSAFE recognition. Companies will have to submit an application with the supporting documents to the WSH Council.

To apply for bizSAFE certification, please submit the bizSAFE Enterprise Application and attach the required documents. Your company's contact person and senior management will receive an automated acknowledgement email upon the submission of the application.

Please allow 10 working days of processing from the date of submission. Once your application is approved, the bizSAFE e-certificate and logo will be sent to your company's senior management representative via email.

Where can I obtain a copy of the certificates of the bizSAFE training/courses I had attended?

The WSH Council administers the bizSAFE certification for companies. For bizSAFE training and course certificates that were issued to individuals who had attended bizSAFE courses, you may wish to contact your respective training provider and/or download from the SkillsFuture portal instead.


bizSAFE Marketplace

What is bizSAFE Marketplace?

bizSAFE Marketplace is a listing of bizSAFE enterprises according to the goods or services they offer. This allows potential service buyers to search for a business partner or contractor with the risk management capabilities to take on a project.

My company has been issued a bizSAFE certificate, but I cannot find my company details on bizSAFE Marketplace.

Your company will not be listed in bizSAFE marketplace if you (or the applicant) had not indicated the keywords for services provided, business description, and/or a company contact email in the application form when submitting your company renewal application.

If you would like your company to be listed in the marketplace, please provide the following details here:

Keywords for services provided (50 character limit including spaces):
- Company business description (150 character limit including spaces):
- Company contact email


bizSAFE Partner

How do I apply/renew to be a bizSAFE Partner? 

bizSAFE Partners are carefully selected. They influence existing and potential stakeholders across their value chain to work safely for them.

You may wish to read more about Becoming a bizSAFE Partner, and to submit an application for your company.

What is the difference between a bizSAFE Partner and bizSAFE Enterprise?  

bizSAFE Enterprises are companies that have achieved bizSAFE recognition through the bizSAFE Programme (i.e., bizSAFE Levels 1 to 4, and bizSAFE STAR).

A bizSAFE Partner is carefully selected and recognised as an organisation that has strong influence in its business value chain to guide existing and potential stakeholders to work safely with them.