Contact a suitable Training Provider in the table below to find out the fees for the following courses and workshops, and to schedule a training session at your convenience.


Employees or individuals who have attended bizSAFE courses does not automatically grant your company bizSAFE recognition. Companies will have to submit a bizSAFE application with the supporting documents to the WSH Council.

S/N Name bizSAFE Level 1

bizSAFE Level 2

bizSAFE Level 4

Top Executive WSH Programme (TEWP)


Replaced the Workshop for CEO/ Top Management from 1 Apr 2024

 Workplace Safety and Health Control Measures

(Course Code WPH-WSH-4075-1.1)

 Workplace Safety and Health System Management

(Course Code WPH-WSH-4086-1.1)

 1 AAT Training Hub Pte. Ltd.     
2 Absolute Kinetics Consultancy Pte Ltd  
3 Anzen Training Academy Pte Ltd  
4 Asretec Pte Ltd  
5 August International Pte Ltd  
6 Avanta Global Pte Ltd  

7 Bond International Consultants Pte Ltd  
8 CCIS Singapore Pte Ltd  
 9 CIS Certification Pte. Ltd.      
10 Concord Associates Pte Ltd  
11 Eduquest International Institute Pte Ltd  
12 EQS Asia Pte Ltd  
13 EverSafe Academy  
14 Global Training Services Pte. Ltd.    
15 Greensafe International Pte Ltd  
16 Integrated Training Consultants Pte Ltd  
17 ISRC Pte Ltd  
18 KBA Training Centre Pte. Ltd.    
19 Learners Hub Pte Ltd  
20 NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd
21 Quesh Consultants (Pte) Ltd  
22 Singapore Institution of Safety Officers  

23 Singapore National Employers Federation  
24 SMF Centre for Corporate Learning    
25 The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd    
26 SCAL Academy Pte. Ltd.    
27 Wong Fong Academy Pte Ltd     


Last updated in April 2024. Please refer to MySkillsFuture website for the full list of course offerings.