Check bizSAFE Status

If you have applied for bizSAFE, you can use this bizSAFE Self-Help excel to check your bizSAFE status. Refer to the table below to understand what your bizSAFE status means and what you can do next.


bizSAFE status

What it means

What you can do next

Pending approval

Your application is being processed. You should receive your results within 7 to 10 working days of your application.

Check your inbox or junk mail for your application results.


Your application has been approved and your company's details have been updated on the bizSAFE Marketplace.

Use bizSAFE self-help excel to check your bizSAFE Level,
Status and Expiry Date

Please contact us for bizSAFE logo (bizSAFE Level 3 and above only) and bizSAFE certificate


Your application has been returned for further action.

Refer to the email sent to your inbox or junk mail.


Your application has been rejected.

Refer to the email sent to your inbox or junk mail.


Your bizSAFE status has been terminated as your company is no longer in operation.



Your bizSAFE status has been suspended as your company has been placed under the Business Under Surveillance (BUS) programme.

Your company's information will be removed from the bizSAFE Marketplace, and you may not distribute any company collaterals with the bizSAFE logo or status.

Please contact us with the following once your company has exited from the Business Under Surveillance (BUS) programme:

  • Exit Notification letter issued by MOM; and
  • Latest Risk Management Audit Report.

We will email you once we lift your company's suspension so that you may renew your bizSAFE status.


Your bizSAFE status has expired as you have passed your certificate's validity period.

As bizSAFE Level 1 and 2 are non-renewable, you can progress or renew for bizSAFE Level 3 and above.

Other e-Services

Please submit your request here for the following:

  • bizSAFE logo (bizSAFE Level 3 and above only); 
  • bizSAFE e-certificate;
  • bizSAFE certificate number, e.g. E12345;
  • Update your company's name;
  • Update your contact person's particulars;
  • Update your senior management's particulars; or
  • Update bizSAFE Marketplace's particulars..

Please refer to the bizSAFE logo communication guide (PDF) to understand how to use and apply the bizSAFE logo.

We will process renewal and update requests within 7 to 10 working days.

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