5. bizSAFE: Approved Training Organisations

Contact a suitable ATO in the table below to find out the fees for bizSAFE courses and workshops, and to schedule a training session at your convenience.


S/N Name bizSAFE Level 1

Workshop for CEO/ Top Management
bizSAFE Level 2

Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan
bizSAFE Level 4

Develop a Workplace Safety and Health Management System (WSHMS) Implementation Plan
1 AA International Consultancy Pte Ltd
2 Absolute Kinetics Consultancy Pte Ltd
3 ACE EHS Singapore Pte. Ltd. 

4 Anzen Training Academy Pte Ltd
5 Anzenet Pte Ltd
6 Ascendo Consulting Pte Ltd
7 Asretec Pte Ltd
8 Associates Consulting Pte Ltd
9 August International Pte Ltd
10 Avanta Global Pte Ltd

11 Building and Construction Academy

12 Bond International Consultants Pte Ltd
13 CCIS Singapore Pte Ltd
14 Certification International (Singapore) Pte Ltd
15 Concord Associates Pte Ltd
16 Eduquest International Institute Pte Ltd
17 EQS Asia Pte Ltd
18 ESIS Academy Pte Ltd
19 EverSafe Academy Pte ltd
20 Greencross Safety Fire and Equipment Consultants Pte Ltd
21 Greensafe International Pte Ltd
22 Integrated Training Consultants Pte Ltd
22 ISRC Pte Ltd
23 KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd
24 Learners Hub Pte Ltd
25 Lloyd Mcgill Pte Ltd
26 Neville- Clarke (Singapore) Pte Ltd
27 NTUC Learninghub Pte Ltd
28 PSA Corporation Ltd
29 Quesh Consultants (Pte) Ltd
30 Service Quality Centre Pte Ltd
31 Simply Safety Pte Ltd
32 Singapore Institution of Safety Officers

33 Singapore National Employers Federation
34 SOCOTEC Certification Singapore Pte. Ltd.
35 ST Electronics (E-Services) Pte Ltd
36 Straits Construction Singapore Private Limited
37 Team-6 Safety Training & Consultancy (S) Pte Ltd

The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd

39 THT Academy Pte Ltd
40 Wong Fong Academy Pte Ltd