Note: You can file a claim with your Singpass if you have your employment claim’s details. You will be notified of the next step via your preferred mode of communication. If you have filed a claim with TADM, you can log into your dashboard via eServices to view your claim status.

You may also use "Ask TADM" chatbot advisory service to get immediate answers, preliminary assessment and file your claim. The chatbot may direct you to make an appointment to speak to us if it cannot address your queries. We recommend Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Mozilla Firefox on desktop or laptop for best experience.

Do take note of the time limit(s) to file your claim(s). You may visit the Ministry of Manpower if you have general queries on the Employment Act.

(For Employers) Register a representative to respond to the claim(s)

What is this eService for?

This eService is for employers to register an authorised representative to act for the entity in the mediation process.

Things to note

Who can appoint Corppass users who are assigned the access to "EmPOWER" in Corppass
Who is an authorised representative

An authorised representative should be:

  • A director, partner, or sole-proprietor registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)*, or
  • A full-time employee (Please upload a Letter of Authorisation (doc | pdf) signed by the director/partner or sole-proprietor)

Other persons such as lawyers, consultants or representatives from an employment agency are not allowed to represent an employer.

* For other entities e.g. Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST), societies, the representative should be a member of the governing body. 

The authorised representative should have the authority to represent an employer and make decisions on the employment claim(s).

A. Before you begin, ensure the authorised representative is assigned the "EmPOWER" access in Corppass:

As a Corppass admin or sub-admin user:

  1. Log in to the Corppass account.
  2. Go to the e-Service Access tab.
  3. Select Ministry of Manpower (MOM) from the list of agencies.
  4. Choose "EmPOWER" as one of the company’s eServices.
  5. Assign "EmPOWER" eService to the identified authorised company representatives.

To check via Corppass:

  1. Log in to your Corppass account.
  2. Go to the assigned eServices tab. You should see "EmPOWER" listed as one of your assigned eServices.

If "EmPOWER" is not listed as one of your assigned e-Services, please ask your Corppass admin user or sub-admin user to assign the eService to you.

B. After you (the authorised representative) have been granted access to "EmPOWER":

  • Login to our eService portal via your Singpass.
  • Select the case(s) to register a representative for and click on "View Case".
  • Select the "Appoint a representative" button in the case overview page.
  • Key in relevant details and upload a Letter of Authorisation (doc | pdf), if you are a full-time employee and not an Office holder.
    • If you are registering for multiple cases, you should see all the cases "ticked".
  • Click the "Submit" button upon filling all the relevant information.

Please complete the registration within 2 working days. Upon successful registration, TADM will be corresponding with you on the next steps of the mediation process. If you do not do so, TADM will contact the company in order not to delay the mediation process.


Download the Quick Reference Guide (QRG) for detailed instructions on using this service.

  • This service is available 24 hours daily.
  • Disable your pop-up blocker first before filing.
  • Don’t have a Singpass? Register or reset your Singpass first before filing.