Note: If you have details of your outstanding salary claim, including the amount, you can submit your mediation request online with your Singpass. The next step will be a dispute resolution session at TADM.

Do take note of the time limit(s) to file your claim(s). If you have general queries on the Employment Act, please contact the Ministry of Manpower.

(For employees) File a claim for mediation

If you are a non-union employee, you may use this service to file a claim for mediation. Learn more through this video. If you are a union employee, you should contact your union to help you file your claim.

Things to note

File a salary in lieu of notice claim if you do not dispute your dismissal

If you have not been paid salary in lieu of notice (e.g. notice pay) and you do not dispute the grounds of your dismissal, you can file a salary-related claim. Examples of salary-related claims include salary, notice pay, overtime pay, contractual bonuses/commission, maternity leave benefits due to retrenchment or wrongful dismissal during pregnancy.

Retrenchment benefits is not compulsory under the Employment Act and cannot be heard at the Employment Claims Tribunal, unless it is provided for in your employment contract or collective agreement.

If you are seeking ONLY retrenchment benefit (i.e. you do not have any outstanding salary claims), and the retrenchment benefit is not stated in your employment contract, please email to with key details (e.g. your contact details, company name, amount of retrenchment benefits received) to have your case assessed.

File a wrongful dismissal claim if you dispute your dismissal

Wrongful dismissal happens when an employee was dismissed without just or sufficient cause for reasons (e.g. discrimination, deprivation of benefit, or to punish employee for exercising an employment right). It also includes situations where an employee had resigned involuntarily.

Termination due to misconduct, poor performance and redundancy are not deemed to be wrongful if contractual notice was served or paid in-lieu. If you dispute the reasons for your dismissal, you are required to substantiate your wrongful dismissal claim with documentary evidence (e.g. a termination letter or emails).

If you have been wrongfully dismissed and your employer owes you salary (e.g. salary in lieu of notice, overtime wages), you will need to file your wrongful dismissal claim and salary-related claim separately. You must log out from Singpass after filing your wrongful dismissal claim and log back in again to file your salary-related claim.

If you have been dismissed due to age or denied re-employment, please submit an appeal to Ministry of Manpower.

If your company is under bankruptcy, judicial management or liquidation

You cannot file the claim with us. You should file your claim directly with the Insolvency Office or the appointed judicial manager or liquidator.

Please refer to the Judicial Management Guide for more details. If you are unsure, you may make an appointment for advice.

Who can file

All employees, except seafarers, domestic workers, statutory board employees and civil servants.

Note: If you are a statutory board employee or civil servant, you can file a maternity-related wrongful dismissal claim under the Child Development Co-Savings Act.

How much you can file
  • Up to $20,000 per claim.
  • Up to $30,000 per claim for union members claiming with their union’s help.

If you are filing for both salary-related and wrongful dismissal claims, you may file claims worth up to $40,000 (non-union members) or $60,000 (union members).

Claim limits apply when entering into a settlement agreement after mediation, or lodging a claim at the Employment Claims Tribunals.

What claims are eligible

If you have been wrongfully dismissed from service (including during pregnancy), you may file a claim for:

  • Reinstatement
  • Compensation

If you are a manager or executive who has been dismissed with notice or salary in-lieu of notice according to your terms of employment, or have resigned involuntarily, you must have served your employer for at least 6 months to submit a claim for wrongful dismissal. If you have been dismissed while pregnant, you must have served your employer for at least 3 months.

When to file
  • Within 1 month after your last day of employment.
  • If you were wrongfully dismissed during pregnancy, within 2 months of the birth of your child.
What you will need

You need the following to file a claim:

  • Company name, mailing address and contact number.
  • Contact details, including email address.
  • Employment dates, occupation and monthly salary.
  • Credit or debit card details or internet banking user ID and PIN for payment.

Essential supporting documents to upload:

  • Employment contract or key employment terms
  • Salary payment records and CPF statements (where available)
  • Termination or resignation letter
  • Other documents relevant to your claim, e.g. time sheet, certification of pregnancy/estimated delivery date by a Singapore medical practitioner.

You are required to support your claims with written documents. As such, you should upload the relevant documents to support your claims.

Registration fees

The non-refundable registration fees are:

  • $10 per claim if you are claiming $10,000 or less
  • $20 per claim if you are claiming more than $10,000

For example, if you are filing 2 claims and your salary-related claim amount is $12,000 while your wrongful dismissal claim amount is $3,000, the respective registration fees will be $20 and $10.

Payment methods

You can pay by:

  • Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards.
  • eNETS via internet banking from DBS, UOB, OCBC or Standard Chartered Bank.

Payment must be made within 3 days from the date you filed your claim for it to be deemed successful.

How long it takes to file a claim You should be able to complete the process within 20 minutes if you have prepared your documents beforehand.
What happens after Within 3 working days of payment, you will receive an email from TADM on the next steps of the dispute resolution process.

Download our user guide for detailed instructions on filing a wrongful dismissal claim.

Download our user guide for detailed instructions on filing a salary-related claim.

  • This service is available 24 hours daily.
  • Disable your pop-up blocker first before filing.
  • Don’t have a Singpass? Sign up for Singpass or make an appointment to file.