New ACOP video to aid top executives understand their WSH duties

18 Jul 2023 Announcements

The WSH Council has produced a video summarising key objectives and principles of the Code of Practice on Chief Executives’ and Board of Directors’ WSH Duties (ACOP). The ACOP was developed in October 2022 to provide clarity for top executives on their roles and duties relating to workplace safety and health.  The video condenses the objectives and principles of the ACOP, making it easier to understand and share. Chief Executives and Board Directors may attend the Top Executive WSH Programme for a more in-depth induction.

The video lists resources that supports the ACOP measures:

ACOP Measure  Resource
6 and 15
Reporting incidents
Top executives can foster a culture of trust in the organisation and encourage proactive reporting to keep employees safe at the workplace.
7 Top Executive WSH Programme
This programme is designed for chief executives and board directors who want to deepen their understanding and knowledge of workplace safety and health. View Top Executive WSH Programme FAQs
7 and 14
WSH Bulletin
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A free online survey tool that helps employers find out their workforce’s overall state of mental well-being, and the key workplace stressors affecting their employees’ mental well-being.
9 bizSAFE
This programme is designed to help companies build workplace safety and health capabilities.
9 CheckSAFE
Check and compare companies’ WSH performance, including injury and enforcement data, and past awards. Make informed choices of service providers or partners based on their WSH performance.
11 Code of Practice on Risk Management
This Code of Practice advises duty holders on their obligations under the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act and the WSH (Risk Management) Regulations. It also provides guidance on a systematic process for implementing a risk management system.