Developed by the Ministry of Manpower’s Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Institute, in partnership with Changi General Hospital, Health Promotion Board, Institute of Mental Health and WSH Council, the iWorkHealth is a free online, company administered psychosocial health assessment tool that helps employers to understand their workforce’s state of well-being at work, covering work-related stress and burnout, and the key workplace stressors that employees are facing.

The company reports generated from the tool are aggregated and anonymised, and can be segmented by departments. The results will provide employers information of the factors influencing their employees’ mental well-being as well as recommended interventions on what employers can do to improve mental well-being.  

Employees who use the iWorkHealth Full version will also receive a personalised confidential report on their mental well-being scores, including a breakdown of scores for each workplace stressor.

iWorkHealth comprises two versions: Full and Lite versions. The table below outlines the differences between the two versions:

Full Version  Lite Version (NEW!) 
Number of survey questions
89 20
Scope of questionnaire
· Individual Resilience (covers individual mental well-being) 
· Organisational Resilience i.e. Workplace Stressors (covers risk factors such as job demands, job recognition and organisation culture)
· Well-being at Work (covers work-related stress, burnout and depression)
· Well-being at Work (covers work-related stress, burnout and depression)
Time taken to complete
15 to 20 minutes
5 minutes
Individual report for employees

Company-wide report

Suitable for companies that wish to
Identify key workplace stressors
Assess the progress of each workplace stressor after implemented intervention(s)
Explore iWorkHealth before embarking on the Full version
Identify their employees’ symptoms of work stress and burnout on a more frequent basis, as a pulse survey
Assess post-intervention improvements in between iWorkHealth Full version

The iWorkHealth Lite version is available for use for all first-time users of Lite version. To continue the use of iWorkHealth Lite version, companies will have to utilise the iWorkHealth Full version. 
While the iWorkHealth Lite version provides a convenient and quick sensing, we recommend companies to alternate the use of iWorkHealth Lite and Full versions to leverage the benefits of iWorkHealth so as to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of your employees’ mental well-being and the workplace stressors.

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