Alleged Issuance of Forged bizSAFE Certificates

18 Oct 2023 Announcements

The owner of a consultancy firm, Best Management Consultancy Pte Ltd is assisting the Police with investigation for allegedly issuing forged bizSAFE certificates to 11 companies.  The WSH Council takes a serious view of any misrepresentation or fraud involving our programmes like bizSAFE, which may mislead the public, the companies involved and their clients, as well as compromise the standard of workplace safety and health.  

Companies seeking bizSAFE certification

To avoid your company from being potentially misled, you are advised to:

  • Apply for bizSAFE on your own and do not delegate it to your consultant to submit the application on your behalf. The application is free of charge. 
  • Be wary of consultants who offer one-stop services that guarantee you to get bizSAFE.
  • Be cautious about any consultant’s offer to engage the auditor on your behalf. Engage the auditor yourself from MOM’s approved AOs. Only Risk Management Audits conducted by these approved AOs are accepted for bizSAFE applications. 
  • Check bizSAFE Self-Help for the official application status using your company’s Unique Entity Number (UEN) or your company name (as per ACRA’s records). Do not rely on the certificate provided by your consultant. If there are discrepancies in the bizSAFE certificate received, please write to us at for verification. 

Companies procuring services from bizSAFE Enterprises

If you are procuring services from bizSAFE enterprises, please check bizSAFE Self-Help on our website to verify the enterprises’ bizSAFE status and expiry date.