Public Consultation for WSH Guidelines for Safe Loading and Unloading on Vehicles

08 Dec 2022 Announcements

Goods and cargo should always be safely loaded on and unloaded from vehicles. Unsafe loading and failure to secure loads properly can lead to accidents and endanger other road users during transportation. Drivers and others can be injured, and vehicles and goods being transported can be damaged. It is therefore important that loading and unloading operations are carried out safely and goods are secured properly for transportation.

To raise safety awareness and capabilities in the Logistics and Transport (L&T) industry in Singapore, the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Guidelines for Safe Loading on Vehicles was developed in 2010 and subsequently updated in 2017. The guidelines provide guidance on safe work practices for loading and unloading activities, and cargo securing. It also provides practical information for transport operators, drivers and employees involved in the transport of cargo.

With the L&T industry transforming in current times to build long-term resilience, it is imperative to re-examine the safety and health landscape and ensure that workplaces continue to remain safe for every worker. An industry working group was hence convened in 2021 to review the WSH Guidelines for Safe Loading on Vehicles with the guidance of the WSH Council (Logistics and Transport) Committee to ensure its relevance.

The draft WSH Guidelines for Safe Loading and Unloading on Vehicles is open for feedback and comments from now until 6 January 2023. You may email the completed Public Consultation Form to We look forward to your valuable feedback. Thank you.