Being Exemplary

2. Learn About the Human Capital Partnership Programme (HCP)

The Human Capital Partnership (HCP) Programme is a tripartite initiative that brings together a community of exemplary employers in Singapore who have progressive employment practices in their organisations and are committed to developing their human capital.

Developing human capital is essential for:

  • Businesses to attract and retain talent
  • Singaporeans to continue to have better jobs, better salaries and better careers
  • Singapore’s economy to remain competitive

Employers in the programme are known as Human Capital Partners (HCPartners). They are employers of choice who value their people, and are committed to investing and developing their employees across all levels.

What It Means for Employees

The HCPartners focus is to develop their local workforce. You can look up the list of HCPartners to identify organisations that provide opportunities for growth, continual learning and training programmes, and career development.

HCP Mark

All HCPartners receive the Human Capital Partner (HCP) Mark, a visual symbol that identifies them as exemplary employers.

With the HCP mark, they can:

  • Enjoy faster response and higher service standards from a dedicated hotline for transactions with the Ministry of Manpower.
  • Get advice and better access to other government support and resources, such as human development schemes and grants.
  • Use the HCP mark in publicity materials to differentiate themselves. Job advertisements from HCPartners will gain higher visibility as they will be tagged with the HCP logomark on MyCareersFuture.
HCP Mark Examples of human capital development include training, global exposure and leadership opportunities.

The HCP Programme is no longer onboarding new entities. For recognition for progressive employers, please consider participating in TAFEP's Tripartite Alliance Awards and adopting the Tripartite Standards (TS)