View cases, reschedule Employer Advisory Service appointments, adopt the Tripartite Standards, register for events, training and workshops

Login via SingPass for the following services:

For Employees:

  • View My Case*
  • Complete Service Survey

For Employers:

  • View My Case*
  • Complete Service Survey
  • Reschedule My Employer Advisory Service (EAS) Appointment
  • Adopt the Tripartite Standards
  • Register for Events, Training and Workshops
  • Complete Event Feedback
    (by invitation only)

Note: From 11 April 2021, all Corppass account holders will be required to log in to government digital services for businesses via Singpass.

You will need a Corppass account to transact with TAFEP. If you do not have one,
sign up here. For more info.

*Please note that you will only be able to view cases from May 2023 onwards.

General FAQs

What do Employers need in order to access the eService?

To access the online services on EmPOWER, you need the following:

  • Corppass. Apply for Corppass if you don’t have one.
  • Your Corppass admin or sub-admin must assign your Corppass account:
  1. Log in to Corppass.
  2. Go to eServices Access tab.
  3. Choose EmPOWER as one of your company’s eServices.
  4. Assign EmPOWER to your Corppass account.

What web browsers can I use?

Recommended web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10 and above
  • Google Chrome 45 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 40 and above
  • Safari 8 and above

How can you contact us if you have problems accessing the online service

If you encounter problems with the online service, you may contact us with details at TAFEP Contact Us