Note: You can file a claim with your Singpass if you have your employment claim’s details. You will be notified of the next step via your preferred mode of communication. If you have filed a claim with TADM, you can log into your dashboard via eServices to view your claim status.

You may also use "Ask TADM" chatbot advisory service to get immediate answers, preliminary assessment and file your claim. The chatbot may direct you to make an appointment to speak to us if it cannot address your queries. We recommend Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Mozilla Firefox on desktop or laptop for best experience.

Do take note of the time limit(s) to file your claim(s). You may visit the Ministry of Manpower if you have general queries on the Employment Act.

Compliments from our customers

Bernard Yeo


"He has presented himself professionally as a great Mediator. Firstly, he had provided both parties a great knowledge of TADM structure and options where we had for the mediation. He had also proven himself for his knowledge of Employment Act and advised/pointed out that we, as an employer, of our Letter of Employment clauses and Mutual Agreement clauses. It was indeed a fruitful session with him and his advice that we had resolved the case."

- Mr T

Alex Zhan


"I am impressed by how Alex Zhan handled my claim in a professional manner. He ensured that I had sufficient time to express my perspectives and concerns about the case during the in-person mediation session. I greatly appreciate the guidance he gave me on all my available options and what could be expected from each one when we spoke separately during the mediation session. It is due to Alex’s invaluable help that I was able to settle the case to my satisfaction and withdraw my claim."

- Ms S

Mohamed Sazliandy


"You have been professional in your approach when conducting the mediation and have stayed objective throughout. You provided insights and did you best in trying to resolve the issue while sharing the opportunity cost if things were to be further escalated. You have always been prompt to share updates with me and went the extra mile in chasing for payments when the agreed payment date is being delayed several times to ensure closure. You make me feel protected and I strongly recommend your work and the service of TADM."

- Mr N

Sandy Goh


"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ms. Goh San Lee Sandy for the utterly professional manner in which she conducted my case and assisted in bringing it to a positive and speedy conclusion. Based on my own experience, I would be most happy to recommend TADM in general, and Ms. Goh in particular, for the ongoing excellent advice, assistance and support throughout. "

- Mr N

Sheryl Yan

Manager (Advisory)

"Really want to extend my thanks for your assistance for my case. Despite the fact my case was at least 6 months old, you still went above and beyond to contact my former employers who have settled outside Singapore. Every day, there was always an update from Sheryl on how things were going. Thanks to her persistence and efforts, my former employers have drawn up a repayment plan, which I hope they stick to."

- Ms N

Rani Kaur

Assistant Director (Mediation)

"She is very professional and was very fair throughout the whole mediation. Ms Rani was very patient during the session and provided very valuable insights. She explained very clearly the consequences and actions both parties could face and take and at no point in time she took any sides. She was able to identify the issues pertaining to the case and quickly provided a solution good enough for both parties to accept and move on."

- Ms Q

Khoo Wei Wei

Assistant Director (Mediation)

"Ms Khoo Wei Wei's engagement prior to the meditation session was truly commendable. Her expertise not only facilitated a settlement between the employer and employee amicably but also imparted valuable insights into employment acts. Her efforts have undoubtedly contributed to making me a better-informed employer, helping me understand the rights of both parties more clearly. Ms Khoo Wei Wei's professionalism, knowledge, and dedication are truly praiseworthy. I am grateful for the positive impact she has had on my understanding of employment regulations and her role in fostering a constructive resolution."

- Mr S

Jolene Chia


"Her handling of the case was truly commendable, and I want to express my sincere gratitude for her professionalism and expertise. Ms Jolene’s ability to guide the conversation, maintain a neutral stance, and facilitate effective communication was instrumental in reaching a resolution. I appreciate the time that she had dedicated to understanding the complexities of our situation and her commitment to ensuring a fair and equitable process. Ms Jolene’s patience and skill as a mediator were evident throughout, making the entire experience more manageable and constructive. Her contributions not only led to a resolution but also fostered an atmosphere of cooperation and understanding."

- Mr J

Candy Tan


"Your calm and composed demeanor, coupled with your outstanding communication skills, made the entire process far less daunting for me. What stood out the most for me was your dedication to ensuring a fair and just resolution. You actively listened, provided invaluable guidance on the employment act, and facilitated constructive dialogue between both parties. Your ability to maintain impartiality while guiding us toward a mutually acceptable agreement was nothing short of remarkable. Your professionalism shone through every step of the mediation, from the introduction to the mediation process to the final agreement. You kept the lines of communication open and promptly addressed any questions or concerns. Ultimately, thanks to your expertise and guidance, we were able to reach a resolution that I am grateful and satisfied with. "

- Ms F


Munir Shah


"I would just like to thank you for your guidance, patience, and insight during the mediation process today. You handled this matter with professionalism and great skill which made the day go so much easier for both parties."

- Mr P

Stefanie Soh

Manager (Advisory)

"She displayed highest form of professionalism in my view as she spoke with me since. She is attentive and able to articulate my sharing. I congratulate the management for having Ms Stefanie Soh as part of the good service rendered to citizen like myself."

- Mr L

Ong Cheng Chew

Senior Mediator

"Excellent service. Mr Ong really took a lot of time to mediate between the two parties in a respectful and well thought out way. He is an exceptional mediator and was integral to enable all parties to successfully settle. He worked late and was available all hours. "

- Mr N