Note: If you have details of your outstanding salary claim, including the amount, you can submit your mediation request online with your Singpass. The next step will be a dispute resolution session at TADM.

Do take note of the time limit(s) to file your claim(s). If you have general queries on the Employment Act, please contact the Ministry of Manpower.

Compliments from our customers

Bernard Yeo


"The experience was a good one primarily because of the skillful and impartial mediator, Mr Bernard Yeo. He was very responsive and facilitate the change of the mediation date. During mediation, he proved to be a good listener and is able to summarise the key points for both parties. He was impartial and made decision based on the facts that both parties shared. He understood when we explained why we are not able to make compromises and continue to work with our ex-staff to resolve the matter. Before the mediation session and throughout the session, he set a positive tone towards the whole matter.  

Kudos to TADM for having a very good mediator such as Mr Bernard Yeo!" 

- Ms R

Martha Fernandez

Senior Mediator

"Thank you for the amazing mediation you provided for me. You are a wonderful mediator and made the day go so much easier for me.

I cannot thank you enough for your mediation expertise and professionalism that went above and beyond my expectations throughout the course of my case."

- Mr C

Benny Leo


"I would like to thank TADM mediator for being professional, and very effective in my case against my ex company.  To be honest, I would have preferred not to have ended up in this situation. Mr Benny was effective in the mediation and very clear on both sides of this case, he was also very responsive and receptive to my queries on WhatsApp and calls.

I would like to thank Mr Benny for making the process less painful than it could have been for me, so now I can move forward with my plans, projects and family."

- Mr I


Ben Yap


"I would like to give my compliments to Ben Yap. He is professional, attentive and possess objective mindset, which is commendable. He understood my issue and, at the same time, paid attention to the details of my case. I was initially worried about my case because I do not have all the relevant documents, but he gave me assurance and encouragement. Without Ben Yap, I would be lost. Keep up the good work, Ben Yap."

- Mr D

Eugene Tan


"I would like to compliment the mediator in charge of my case, Eugene Tan. He has helped me a lot by explaining the relevant Employment Act and giving me advice on my case. I was really nervous about the mediation to the point that I could not sleep well and had migraines from the stress, prior to the mediation. However, Eugene was very professional and he kept the mediation focused on the resolution of the claims. I appreciate all the effort he has put in for my case. He deserved all the good things in life. With my deepest gratitude, thank you so much for your help!"

- Ms J

Liow Xiuwen

Assistant Director (Advisory)

"Hi TADM, I would like to send my compliments to Ms. Liow Xiuwen for her promptness in investigating my case, and for clearly explaining the next steps and TADM procedures. She made sure the communication was clear, by calling me to understand the details of the case and promptly followed up via email. She also gave me clear time lines of what to expect by which dates, which was very helpful as well. Many thanks and best wishes to Ms. Liow Xiuwen! Keep up the good work!"

- Ms S

Daphne Ang


"I am writing this mail to compliment the professionalism and efficiency of Mdm Daphne Ang in mediating my claims against my employer. 

I was initially apprehensive to seek assistance with TADM as I always have this mentality that a government agency will always be ‘pro-employer’.

Prior to the mediation, no one from my company was there to render assistance to me. Messages and calls were ignored. Mdm Ang patiently took her time to explain her role and gave me a good listening ear.  I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call from my company minutes after I ended my conversation with Mdm Ang. 

Mdm Ang advised me to keep a clear head in this mediation and guided me till I got my claims successfully. She is very professional but very down to earth. 

Thank you Mdm Ang for your kind assistance in this matter. You may feel this is just another case of salary claim but you actually just save a family of a fellow Singaporean from deeper distress. Best wishes for you in your career and personal life."

- Mr M

Yasmin Yaccoup


"We are writing to compliment mediator Ms. Yasmin Yaccoup.

Her skill as a neutral moderator, patience, tenacity and resolve to find a win win solution for both parties was indeed remarkable. Her notable disposition throughout this case to listen and explain the intricacies between law, facts and equity despite the challenges posed by the claimant was above the mark. This was by no feat an easy sail!

She took extra effort to ensure both sides were making the right decision, explaining the implications and was a true influencer in the outcome of the case. We would like to extend a big thanks to her for the time and effort coordinating and communicating back and forth between the parties.

Well done Yasmin and keep this up!"

- Ms S

Alvin Tan

Manager (Advisory)

I am writing to express my gratitude for Mr Alvin Tan who handled my case of employment dispute.  Mr Tan took the time to hear me out, making sure to get all the facts down while being sympathetic. 

What impressed me was his speedy response to all my queries, and how he made sure to follow up with me to make sure I know my rights as an employee. He even took the initiative to escalate this issue to TAFEP, something which I didn’t think of. 

Even after the issue was handed to TAFEP, Mr Tan continued to be a person I could correspond with about my doubts and worries about my employment issues. He did not just brush me off and even replied me on his sick day.

As an organisation which advocates for employees’ rights and help fight for justice, TADM should be proud of having Mr Tan as an advocate for your cause. His compassion and willingness to go above and beyond for people who desperately need someone on their side, if not just to hear them out has give me courage and provided much-needed healing for a traumatised soul.

Thank you so much TADM, for your existence. Please continue your good work as an advocate for employees!"

- Ms H


Alexander S. Singhamuthu


"In regard to the recent case involving a claim from our ex-employee, I just wanted to take a moment to express our appreciation for Mr. Alexander Singhamuthu’s professionalism and assistance in resolving the dispute.

The circumstances were difficult, resulted in a long-winded process as both parties presented their defences. Mr. Alexander Singhamuthu came into the picture, and if not for his attentiveness and effort to bring the parties together, the case will be far from resolved. He went the extra mile and even followed-up with both parties outside of his working hours on a few occasions.

As the TADM mediator, Mr. Alexander Singhamuthu approached the case in an objective and unbiased manner. He remained patience throughout the proceeding, and were able to extract and assess the rather tortuous facts related to our case, which eventually brought it to a conclusion.

On behalf of myself and the entire staffs of our Company, we’d like to thank his dedication and commitment."

- Mr O

Rani Kaur


"I would like to give feedback that your mediator, Rani Kaur, is an asset to your organisation. 

Since I made an application to the TADM for my case, Ms Kaur has been extremely helpful in her advice and responses. Ms Kaur's advice has been more succinct and impactful than even my own lawyers' from a reputable 'big 5' local law firm. 

Throughout the process, she was always patient in walking me through the necessary steps clearly and logically, giving objective and timely advice. During the mediation itself, she successfully (despite my own low expectations of the respondent) mediated an outcome that was not only more expedient than escalating to the ECT or launching my own civil lawsuit, but also agreeable to both parties against all odds and despite emotions flying high during the session. 

She went the extra mile to ensure I was equipped with the proper legal knowledge; as well as familiarisation with the administrative steps. 

Thank you to Ms Kaur and TADM for hosting/managing such an efficient and fair framework for employment matters."

- Mr J

Shalice Ang

Executive (Customer Service Support)

"Shalice was of extraordinary help throughout the process, I couldn't expect this kind of support and patience. I am glad to acknowledge she is dedicated and passionate about her job. I could not thank her more. Shalice I am impressed by your professionalism, this would have never been possible in Europe. Your help counts and please continue doing your best!"

- Mr L