Total WSH

Find out what Total Workplace Safety and Health (Total WSH) is and how you can implement it in the workplace.

What is Total WSH 

Total Workplace Safety and Health (Total WSH) is an approach that looks at work, safety and health together, as these areas are closely interrelated. For example, companies with good work processes have fewer accidents and cases of ill-health at work. This leads to better well-being, including mental well-being. Companies that focus on safety also enjoy increased productivity as their employees have fewer injuries and better health. Healthy workers increase productivity through reduced absenteeism. They are also less likely to be involved in accidents due to poor health. 

To learn more about how companies can improve their workers’ health, and manage workers’ diseases and lifestyle so as to create a healthy workforce, visit our National WSH Campaign microsite

Watch the video about improving safety and health of workers with the Total WSH approach.


The benefits of Total WSH include:
Healthier and more effective workforce. 
Safer workplaces and fewer employee injuries.
Improved quality of life for employees.
Improved employee engagement and retention.
Improved productivity and business performance.
Reduced absenteeism rates and healthcare costs.

A study on Singapore companies found that employees in companies that managed safety and health together at the workplace were:

Chia, S. E., Lim Wah, J., Judy, K. S. G., Yoong, J., Lim, R. B. T., & Chia, K. S. (2015). A Study on the Comprehensive and Integrated Workplace Safety and Health Services in Singapore. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 57(9), 958-964.

How to Implement Total WSH

As an employer, you can apply to join the Total WSH programme if your company:
Is based in Singapore.
Employs Singaporeans.

As an employee, you should:
Follow Safe Work Procedures.
Check if your personal protective equipment is in good condition and suitable for work.
Wear your personal protective equipment correctly.
Check if the conditions in your workplace are safe before starting work.
Inform your superior if you feel unwell.
Report any unsafe acts, conditions or near-misses.
Take part in safety and health programmes organised by the company.
Go for regular health screenings to detect medical conditions early.
Manage your medical conditions responsibly.

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