Total Workplace Safety and Health Programme

Find out how your company can work hand-in-hand with our service providers to achieve a healthy workforce in a safe workplace.

Programme Overview

Total Workplace Safety and Health (Total WSH) is an approach that looks at safety and health together at work.  It covers:
• safety; 
• occupational health and 
• personal health (including both physical and mental well-being

The Total WSH programme is a FREE1 programme where our Total WSH Service Providers will teach your company to manage safety and health in an integrated way, and educate your workers on how to better take care of their safety and health through modular activity packages.

1 Terms & Conditions apply.


Reduces the risk of workplace injuries and ill-health
Healthier and better staff well-being 
Lower absenteeism rate and healthcare costs
Better business performance from more productive staff 

Who May Apply 

You may apply if your company is based in Singapore and is not currently engaged in any Health Promotion Board’s workplace health outreach programmes.

Activity Package Details 

Your Total WSH service provider will guide you through the programme's onboarding, implementation, integration and sustainability, and offboarding phases.  

Our Service Providers

Below is a list of our appointed service providers for Total WSH:

Chubb Global Risk Advisors 
ProAge Pte Ltd
Wong Fong Academy

For More Information

Connect with us through our enquiry page under Enquire about WSH Council Programmes and our programme managers will help you start your Total WSH journey!