What I can do as an Employer

Learn what you can do to kickstart your organisation journey or advance further as a progressive employer

Just like physical health, mental well-being should not be left for employees to manage on their own. Employers have a part to play too. As an employer, you have the power to shape your work environment and culture, and make it a positive and uplifting workplace for your employees to thrive in.

Step 1: Understand the situation

Use iWorkHealth, a free online survey tool to help you find out your workforce’s overall state of mental well-being, and key workplace stressors affecting your employees’ mental well-being. 

Step 2: Equip your team with knowledge and skills

Organise talks or workshops to raise awareness. The Total WSH Programme offers free mental well-being workshops to help your employees know more about mental health issues, providing support one another, and reducing or managing stress better.

Send them for more in-depth training and courses to build specific skills such as mental health first aid.

Step 3: Review benefits, policies, processes 

Check out the list of recommendations to focus on reducing work stressors identified from the iWorkHealth report.

Read the Tripartite Advisory on Mental Well-being at Workplaces to find out how mental well-being can be better supported by initiatives for organisations, teams or individuals.

Get inspiration and actionable guidance on implementing workplace initiatives from A Playbook on Workplace Mental Well-being. This guide includes tips from HR practitioners who have successfully rolled out initiatives in their own workplaces. 

Engage Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Service Providers to provide employees with a safe and anonymous channel to seek help from.