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26 May 2023 Announcements

The WSH Coordinator Refresher Training helps WSH Coordinators better understand their roles and responsibilities, and provide useful information on how they can manage worksite safety more effectively and efficiently. Participants also get the opportunity to discuss past incidents, and what they, as safety professionals on the ground, can do to prevent a similar recurrence. 

In this training, participants will complete an online learning package, comprising 10 key topics, such as how to manage contractors more assertively, how to develop a risk assessment plan for work activities onsite to address work hazards, and the good work practices to prevent serious/fatal consequences leading to a “Stop Work Order” from the Ministry of Manpower, hefty penalty fines, and or even custodial sentencing of those found guilty, including senior management.  After completing the e-learning package, participants are to attend a one-day physical workshop, where they can network with fellow WSH Coordinators from different companies. 

Below are some feedback from past participants and their employers about the WSH Coordinator Refresher Training:

  • “WSH Coordinators were better able to understand their duties, roles, and responsibilities, as stipulated in WSH (Construction) Regulations. They were able to perform their work more effectively and diligently, in areas of hazard identification and the execution of risk control measures. They were also able to communicate better to all parties, which can help lower accident/incident rates.”
  • “Timely updates on WSH legislations and requirements, and good WSH practices.”
  • “Relevant case studies were used in active class discussion/participation.”
  • “Reinforced the understanding and importance of risk assessment for the planning and execution of safe worksite activities, as well as useful tips shared on effective contractor management. Such contributes to the continual improvement of the WSH management system.” 
  • “Scenario based role plays allowed participants to discuss and share with fellow coordinators the useful learning points relevant and helpful for accident prevention at the worksites.”
  • “It is good to have this refresher training on a regular interval to help raise WSH awareness and upkeep good safety industry practices.
  • “The training was comprehensive, covering many types of construction hazards and control measures, such as work at height, loading and unloading, manual lifting, and machinery. It facilitates the building of good WSH practices onsite to prevent accidents and incidents.”

Watch the video to see what participants have to say about the training.

Register for the WSH Coordinator Refresher training at SCAL Academy or NTUC LearningHub.