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08 May 2023 Announcements

This year’s bizSAFE Awards welcome the introduction of a new award category - WSH Tech Awards, to recognise bizSAFE enterprises who are committed to enhancing workplace safety and health (WSH) through the adoption of tech-enabled solutions.

The annual bizSAFE Awards recognise bizSAFE enterprises who have demonstrated exemplary risk management and dedication towards raising WSH standards and practices within their business network.  If your company has gone the extra mile to advocate good WSH practices amongst your subsidiaries and contracted companies, we invite you to participate in the bizSAFE Awards 2023:
bizSAFE Partner Award
bizSAFE Enterprise Exemplary Award
bizSAFE Champion Award
[New] WSH Tech Award 

Visit the bizSAFE Awards 2023 webpage for more information and to apply for the Awards.

You are also invited to register for the online bizSAFE Awards 2023 public briefing on 12 May 2023 to learn more about the Awards criteria.

Applications are to be submitted by 07 July 2023, 6pm.

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12 May 2023

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

500 spots available