Beware of fragile surfaces when working at height

18 Apr 2022 Announcements

Fragile surfaces may look like any stable, solid floor. However, they cannot bear a person’s weight and may result in a fall when unknowingly stepped on. 

Some common examples of fragile surfaces include:
• Unreinforced fibre-cement sheets and liner panels
• Rooflights and glass
• Corroded metal sheets
• Wood wool and chipboards

It is important to identify fragile surfaces and protect your employees working near them to prevent falls from height.

Be prepared. Read the Code of Practice for Working Safely at Heights.

Take proper preventive measures such as having a fall prevention plan and permit-to-work system.

Alert potential hazards to your employees with warning signs.

Empower your employees with checklists on working at height or on roofs so that they know what to look out for.