Apply for StartSAFE to Improve Your WSH Practices

14 Dec 2022 Announcements

In September 2022, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) called for a six-month “Heightened Safety” period and introduced a slate of new measures to strengthen workplace safety and health (WSH) following an alarming rise in workplace fatalities this year.

Companies found to have serious WSH lapses, such as unsafe workplace conditions or poor risk controls following serious or fatal workplace accidents, may be debarred from employing new foreign employees for up to three months.  In addition, their Chief Executives would need to personally account to MOM and take responsibility for rectifications. In November 2022, MOM sentenced a few companies and individuals under the Workplace Safety and Health Act for lax safety practices, which resulted from a lack of proper safe work procedures and risk assessments.

If you are a small and medium enterprise (SME), we have a free-of-charge programme — StartSAFE — where WSH consultants are deployed to help you to identify WSH risks and improve WSH practices and processes. You can also register your sub-contractors for such a visit to ensure that they work safely for you.

Register for StartSAFE now. Please note that this programme is on a first come, first served basis. For enquiries, please email to