Companies and workers reap benefits from the Total WSH Programme

12 Jan 2021 Announcements

Since its inception in 2019, the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council’s Total WSH Programme has helped many companies achieve a healthy workforce in a safe workplace. 

The latest company onboard the programme is Singapore Post Limited (SingPost), which signed a Letter of Commitment with the WSH Council on Tuesday, 12 January.

We encourage more companies like SingPost, which believes in the betterment of their workers’ safety and health, to come onboard the Total WSH programme. 

We have appointed service providers which will work with you to provide recommendations on how you can better manage safety and health together at your workplace.

The programme comprises three phases: 
1. Assessment;
2. Intervention; and 
3. Monitoring and Evaluation. 

In addition to the free advice, some interventions are also offered free of charge or funded partially by the WSH Council to help companies kickstart their Total WSH journey. Examples of such interventions include health screening, educational talks and workshops (covering topics like ergonomics, safety, mental health, chronic disease management etc.), access to personal health coaches and more. 

Companies that are based in Singapore and employ Singaporeans are eligible to apply for the programme. For more information, please visit Total WSH Programme webpage.