Hospitality and Entertainment Industries Vision Zero

About the H&EI Vision Zero

Workers in the accommodation, food and beverage, MICE, entertainment, and attraction sectors face demanding workloads. While they work hard to provide exceptional service to customers, we must also prioritise their safety, health, and well-being. 

This is especially crucial in preventing downtimes and improving productivity, to ensure seamless operations amidst a fast-paced landscape. Companies need to remain vigilant and address common injury causes including slips, trips, and falls, burns and scalding, and accidental cuts.  

Vision Zero (VZ) is the belief that all workplace-related injuries and ill-health are preventable, and that zero harm to staff and stakeholders is possible. Eight key industry associations and unions, representing the various H&EI  sectors, kickstarted and launched the industry’s VZ cluster

See the list of H&EI companies that have joined the industry’s Vision Zero cluster and are committed to the VZ Movement. Beyond pledging, they also shared their WSH practices and plans including:

• Putting in place near-miss reporting for WSH hazards and near-misses; 
• Sharing about WSH with staff, contractors or partners; and  
• Becoming a bizSAFE Partner/ Applying for bizSAFE 


Who Should Join

We urge all H&EI companies to join the cluster as a show of your commitment in ensuring that all workers go home safe and healthy. You may join the cluster if you are a company or organisation in the following businesses:

• Hotels and Accommodations
• Food Services
• Attractions
• Entertainment
• Clubhouses/ Country Clubs


Why You Should Join

By being part of the industry’s VZ movement, you demonstrate your commitment to care for the safety and health of your workers. The WSH Council will also support you in your WSH journey, where you will:

i. Receive free WSH consultation and bizSAFE Level 2 certification (subject to eligibility);
ii. Participate in the Total WSH programme to educate your staff on how to better care for their safety and health through modules such as safety coaching/ workshops (subject to eligibility);  
iii. Receive timely updates on WSH resources catered to the industry; and
iv. Receive invitations to join WSH-related industry events such as learning journeys and forums.


How to Join

You may join the cluster by registering and pledging your commitment for Vision Zero online.

Join the H&EI Vision Zero Cluster.


For More Information 

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