Healthcare Industry Vision Zero

About the Healthcare Vision Zero

The work of healthcare professionals and workers is fast-paced and unrelenting. It is important to ensure their safety and well-being, to prevent injuries due to slips, trips, and falls, over exertion, ill-health and others. As they work hard to look after the community, we must commit to taking care of them too, so that they can be safe, healthy, and well.

To kickstart the healthcare industry’s commitment towards Vision Zero (VZ), 13 key industry stakeholders came together and adopted the tagline, “Caring for the Well-being, Safety and Health of our Healthcare Workers”. The industry firmly believes that with care, zero harm to staff and stakeholders is possible and all workplace-related injuries and ill-health are preventable. 

See the list of companies committed to the industry’s VZ movement.

Who Should Join

You should join the industry VZ movement if you are:
A healthcare institution; or
A contractor/partner of a healthcare institution.

Why You Should Join

By being a member of the industry’s VZ movement, you demonstrate your commitment to care for the safety and health of your workers. To support you in your WSH journey, you will:
i. Receive free WSH consultation and bizSAFE Level 2 certification (subject to eligibility);
ii. Be able to participate in the Total WSH programme to educate your staff on how to better care for their safety through modules including a safety workshop (subject to eligibility);
iii. Receive updates on WSH resources catered to the industry; and
iv. Receive invitations to join WSH-related industry events such as learning journeys and forums.

How to Join

Join the Healthcare Industry Vision Zero movement online.

A printed copy of your commitment to VZ will be sent to your mailing address, as provided in the online form.

For More Information 

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