Being Progressive

1. Being Progressive

Being progressive means adopting employment practices that create and sustain an inclusive workplace, as well as promote the well-being of employees.

The key attributes of a progressive employer are fairness, inclusivity, agility, productivity and sustainability.


Build a fair organisation in which discrimination is not tolerated and employees are treated fairly based on their ability, performance, contribution and experience. Ensure that policies and practices comply with relevant employment legislation and abide by the Tripartite Guidelines.


Create an inclusive workplace that values the strengths and contributions of each individual and leverages their abilities, skills, knowledge and experiences.


Embrace change and ensure that HR policies and practices stay relevant and effective in engaging the workforce.


Cultivate a work environment that encourages learning, innovation and a spirit of continuous improvement, to achieve optimal business results in a manpower-lean economy.


Develop sustainable employment opportunities anchored in a strong Singaporean core and a globally competitive, diverse workforce.