About Age Management

Age management is a multi-faceted approach to help you sustain a culture of inclusion for mature employees.

What Is Age Management

Age management is a multi-faceted approach to create an inclusive culture for mature employees in your organisation.

We encourage organisations to adopt age management practices for age-friendly workplace when hiring, managing and engaging mature employees, so as to better recruit and retain them. Such practices include a fair recruitment and selection policy, job redesign, flexible work arrangements, multi-generational workforce management, performance management and well-being programmes.

Why It Matters

By adopting age management practices, you help to create an environment that empowers employees to achieve their full potential without being disadvantaged by their age. You also increase employer branding, customer-satisfaction, productivity and get access to a wider talent pool.

It is known that mature employees:

  • Are more committed and have a stronger work ethic
  • Have lower levels of turnover and absenteeism
  • Are more experienced and competent in managing crises
  • Have transferable skills and can act as mentors, coaches and trainers

Find out more about how mature employees contribute to the business in Value of Mature Workers to Organisations in Singapore (PDF).