Safe Riding

Understand the risks of riding on motorcycles, bicycles and power-assisted bicycles. Learn about safe riding to protect yourself.

Riding Hazards

In recent years, the rise in demand for food delivery services has caused an increase in reliance on motorcycles, bicycles and power-assisted bicycles (PAB). While these mobility devices offer businesses flexibility and cost-effectiveness, the irresponsible use of the devices can injure pedestrians, road users and the riders themselves. Some riding hazards include:

  • Reckless riding;
  • Speeding; and
  • Distractions (e.g. making phone calls while riding).

Safe Riding

As an employer or rider, you must observe the following laws that are relevant to safe riding:

Employer's Role

You are encouraged to:

  • Implement a zero-tolerance policy against unsafe riders (e.g. penalties for reckless riding).
  • Review remuneration scheme to introduce incentives for safety performance.
  • Employ riders with valid licences (for motorcycle riders).
  • Ensure equipment and mobility devices (company-owned) are suitable for the job and regularly maintained.
  • Provide PPE such as gloves, helmets, boots, riding jackets and pants.
  • Familiarise riders with emergency response procedures.
  • Remind riders to take care of their health and hydrate regularly.

Employee's Role

As a rider, you should:

  • Plan delivery routes to avoid hazards (e.g. avoid major roads with heavy or fast-moving traffic).
  • Keep to the left and adhere to traffic rules at all times (do not ride against the traffic).
  • Avoid riding into the blind spots of other vehicles (especially heavy vehicles like trucks).
  • Keep a lookout for and give way to pedestrians (e.g. on shared pathways).
  • Dismount from bicycle or PAB when navigating through a crowd.
  • Stop riding during heavy downpours.
  • Conduct visible check on your mobility device before riding.
  • Carry out routine maintenance and timely repairs on your mobility device.

For More Information

Refer to the Guide to Safe Riding on Motorcycles, Bicycles, Power-Assisted Bicycles and Personal Mobility Devices (PDF).