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Find out what you can do to get support or support other colleagues

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How can I improve my mental well-being?

Explore MindSG suite of self-care tools and resources to help you better understand and manage your mental health.

MindSG is a one-stop online portal for national mental health and well-being resources, which provides Singaporeans with information on mental health and well-being. MindSG is developed in collaboration with whole-of-government partners and includes content curated by mental health experts, such as doctors and psychologists, offering Singaporeans credible, reliable, and convenient access to resources that can support them in looking after their own mental well-being as well as those of family and friends around them.

Discover more about Mental Well-being today!

How can I learn more to support my colleagues / peers at the workplace?

WSQ-Certified Training in Peer-to-peer Mental Well-being Support @ Work
Peer Support Specialist Programme

Is there an online community where I can join to cross-learn or share practical mental well-being tips?

Join the CARE Network, which is a new Community of Practice for mental well-being champions at the workplace, to allow peer sharing of best practices amongst those passionate in promoting mental well-being initiatives at the workplace

Where can I seek or refer my colleague for help?

Text-based services:
Samaritans of Singapore
(24-hour chatbox function)

Belle, Beyond the Label Helpbot

Samaritans of Singapore
1-767 (24-Hour Hotline)

Institute of Mental Health
6389-2222 (24-Hour Hotline)

Care Corner (Mandarin)
1800 3535 800

Association of Women for Action & Research (for women in distress)
1800 777 5555

National CARE Hotline
1800 202 6868

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