About Machines

Learn the importance of using machines safely. And find out about related laws, industry standards and key statistics.

Definition: Machines

In Singapore's WSH context, we focus on machines with moving parts, particularly those used in the manufacturing industry. Examples of such machines include milling machines, band saws, drills, shears, slitting machines, food mincers or cutters, power presses and press brakes.

Laws and Industry Standards

As an employer, you are expected to comply with Singapore's WSH laws. You should pay particular attention to:

You should also observe relevant industry standards, such as:

Please refer to the WSH (Approved Codes of Practice) Notification (PDF) for the full list of approved Codes of Practice.


  • Machinery-related accidents are one of the leading causes of major workplace injuries.
  • Major workplace injuries often result when body parts are struck, crushed, caught in-between, cut or stabbed by machines.
  • Most machine-related accidents result in amputations.

Refer to Workplace Safety and Health Reports for the latest WSH National Statistics Report.