Escalator Safety

Learn about potential hazards in escalator maintenance and related controls.


Escalators and moving walks are common in many public places and have brought convenience to our lives. They must be maintained properly to ensure that they function safely and reliably.

Escalator Maintenance

Escalators that are installed and maintained properly can have their service life prolonged. It is also imperative that personnel involved in the installation, maintenance and/or replacement of escalators can perform the work safely.

Personnel working on escalators must pay attention to potential hazards, such as:

Hazard Type


Cutting/ pinching

Sharp edges of skirt guard, floor plates


Damaged electrical cords, exposed wires

Fall from height

Open sides of escalator truss

Slip and trip

Oil stain, loose cables


Heavy lifting, poor posture


Good Practices

  • Follow manufacturer’s recommendations (e.g. when removing floor plates).
  • Refrain from jumping into the pit/machine room.
  • Remove all oil and/or debris.
  • Avoid twisting the body when handling steps.
  • Wear fall protection if fall hazard exists (e.g. handrail balustrade is not in place).