Falling Objects

Learn about the dangers of falling objects and how you can protect yourself.

Struck by Falling Objects

Struck by falling objects (SBFO) is a common hazard across all industry sectors and had resulted in many cases of workplace injury. Falling objects from height can strike persons on the head and cause serious or even fatal injuries. People who work on the site as well as members of the public may be at risk of SBFO if workplace safety is not managed well.


Preventing SBFO

  • To prevent objects from falling onto persons, the following efforts can be taken:
  • Securing items to keep them in place e.g. tying loose items together and/or keeping them in containers
  • Installing catch platforms below work areas to catch any fallen materials or tools
  • Ensuring loads are stable and secured before lifting or transferring
  • Installing overhead protection structures e.g. shelters, to protect people under them
  • Demarcating areas where there is risk of being struck by falling objects
  • Wearing suitable PPE such as safety helmet and safety shoes


For More Information

WSH Guidelines on Safeguarding Against Falling Objects