Learn about demolition works and their associated risks. And find out about related laws and industry standards.

Definition: Demolition

Demolition works typically involve the tearing down of buildings or civil engineering structures. The improper handling of demolition works can expose workers to risks such as:

  • Falling from elevated work surfaces;
  • Contact with hazardous substances;
  • Struck by falling objects; and
  • Electrical hazards.

You should address all risks from potential work hazards to ensure the safety and health of workers and the public. This can be done by carrying out pre-demolition surveys to assess the risks of the works involved. Refer to the Technical Advisory for Demolition (PDF) and Compliance Assistance Checklist - Demolition (PDF) for more information.

Laws and Industry Standards

As an employer, you are expected to comply with Singapore's WSH laws. You should pay particular attention to:

You should also observe relevant industry standards, such as:

Please refer to the WSH (Approved Codes of Practice) Notification (PDF) for the full list of approved Codes of Practice.