WSH Advisory for Fatal Accidents in Second Half of 2023

27 Mar 2024 Announcements

The Ministry of Manpower has released the WSH statistics for 2023. Singapore’s workplace fatality rate for 2023 has reduced to a record low of 0.99 per 100,000 workers, and we need all stakeholders to remain committed and unwavering in our efforts to sustain our low fatality rate.  

In the spirit of prevention, the WSH Council has prepared a WSH Advisory based on the fatalities occurred in the second half of 2023. In this Advisory, we have grouped the fatalities based on incident types (e.g. fall from height). The recommendations within the Advisory are also tailored to address the incident types. 

We want employers, supervisors and workers to learn from these past incidents and adopt the recommendations to prevent the next incident from occurring.

View the WSH Advisory