Remain vigilant beyond this festive season

08 Feb 2024 Announcements

Based on past years’ workplace injury data, March is typically the most incident-prone month in the first quarter of each year.  There are around 20% more workplace injuries in the month of March compared to the average of January and February. This is likely due to rushing to catch up after the festive break.  

Don’t let the festivities be ruined by workplace injuries. We urge all companies to remain vigilant and continue to prioritise WSH.  
Continue to keep workplaces safe through good practices, such as: 
   Ensure your risk assessments cover the key risks. Pay special attention to those that might arise from a heightened pace of work.  
   Conduct refresher training or briefings before work commences. 
   Conduct a thorough check on all machinery and safety devices before starting work, especially if they were unused for some time. 
   Address all WSH concerns raised by your employees. Empower them to stop work that is unsafe and encourage all to report any unsafe situations. 
Singapore has achieved a record-low workplace fatality rate of 0.99 per 100,000 workers in 2023. We can continue on this path if companies and workers play their part to uphold WSH standards.