Integration of bizSAFE Awards into WSH Awards

12 Jan 2024 Announcements

With effect from 2024, the bizSAFE Awards will be integrated into the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Awards. The merger is part of our commitment to continually enhance the WSH recognition framework of organisations of different sizes, across various industries. 

The WSH Awards has long been recognised as a benchmark for organisations that prioritise the safety and health of their employees. By integrating the bizSAFE Awards into the WSH Awards, we aim to create a more unified platform for acknowledging excellence in WSH, and inspire and motivate more organisations, especially the SMEs, to prioritise WSH. 

As part of this integration, the bizSAFE Champion Award category will be discontinued. Applicants are encouraged to apply for the WSH Awards for Supervisors or the WSH Officer Awards categories. The criteria for these two categories are similar to that of the bizSAFE Champion Awards, ensuring that deserving individuals can still be recognised for their outstanding WSH contributions.

Organisations, regardless of their size and industry, may apply for the following Awards categories:

1.  Workplace Safety and Health Developer Awards 
2.  Workplace Safety and Health Performance Awards
3.  Safety and Health Award Recognition for Projects (SHARP)
4.  Workplace Safety and Health Innovation Awards 
5.  Workplace Safety and Health Awards for Supervisors
6.  Workplace Safety and Health Officer Awards
7.  Culture of Acceptance, Respect and Empathy (CARE) Awards
8.  bizSAFE Partner Awards
9.  bizSAFE Enterprise Exemplary Awards
10.  WSH Tech Awards

More information about the WSH Awards applications and criteria will be shared soon. Companies can look out for further announcements via the WSH Bulletin and the WSH Council’s social media channels.