Call for Manufacturing Sector to Remain Vigilant in Workplace Safety and Health

27 Jun 2024 Announcements

In 2023, the manufacturing sector had the highest number of workplace major injuries, with a 23% rise from 2022.  Manufacturing workplace major injuries were mainly caused by machinery incidents and slips, trips, and falls . 

Monthly injury data shows that there tends to be upticks in manufacturing workplace injuries around this time of year.  The WSH Council urges companies to exercise greater vigilance and adopt the following measures to prevent incidents:

1. Ensure that machinery used are verified safe for work; 
2. Conduct regular maintenance on machinery used and follow lock-out tag-out (LOTO) procedures for repair and maintenance of machinery; 
3. Install slip resistant flooring to mitigate the risk of slip, trips, and falls; and
4. Conduct regular housekeeping to ensure that passageways are free from clutter.

Refer to our resources on Machinery Safety and Slips, Trips, and Falls for more prevention tips.