Launch of Process Sector Behavioural Observation and Intervention Video

05 May 2024 Announcements

The Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council, in collaboration with the Association of Process Industry (ASPRI), has produced a new Behavioural Observation and Intervention (BOI) video to help companies in the process sector build a safer work environment through encouraging safety-centric behaviours and early intervention. The video portrays scenarios in the chemical industries, and how BOI and safe work practices can instil a sense of safety ownership in all workers and reduce the incidence of at-risk work behaviours.

In his opening address at the launch event on 4 May 2023, Mr Lim Keng Yang, Chairman of WSH Council (Chemical Industries) Committee, encouraged the chemical industries to strive towards zero accidents and called on them to build a safer workplace through programmes such as BOI.

The event, held at the ASPRI Integrated Training Centre, also saw a presentation by Mr Cheng Beng Kwang, Director (Project) from PEC Ltd, on his company’s implementation of BOI and its benefits towards building a safer workplace.  Over 110 plant owners, contractors and workers from the chemical and process construction and maintenance sector attended the event.

To raise awareness on BOI, ASPRI will also be developing three BOI micro-learning modules to help companies and their employees better understand its concept and how it can be applied in the process sector.

View and share the Behavioural Observation and Intervention video with your colleagues and co-workers.

Companies can find out more on Behavioural Observation and Intervention (BOI) on the WSH Council website and the BOI training course on ASPRI’s IPI e-Connect.