Construction work pass holders will fail their CSOC re-certification if they do not do this

09 Oct 2023 Announcements

A new WSH Micro-learning Programme has been launched. The Construction Safety Orientation course (CSOC) re-certification test from 1 January 2024 onwards will include new questions based on the Micro-Learning Programme. 


If your Construction work pass holders do not go through the Micro-learning Programme, they are likely to fail their CSOC re-certification. Workers who fail the recertification assessment must attend the full WSH Micro-learning Programme andthe two-day CSOC (includes the assessment) to have their work pass renewed.


To avoid paying additional training costs for CSOC recertification, companies are strongly encouraged to sign up their construction work pass holders for the WSH Micro-learning Programme, which is available online now.  


Register your workers for the WSH Micro-learning Programme with either of the two training providers - (i) NTUC Learning Hub or (ii) SCAL Academy