The WSH Council urges all to stay healthy and safe during this festive season

06 Dec 2022 Announcements

With the end-of-year festive and Lunar New Year period approaching, businesses may be under pressure to ramp up work activities ahead of employees taking leave. we urge all companies and workers to remain vigilant and continue to prioritise workplace safety and health (WSH).  

There has been a total of 42 workplace deaths so far this year. This number exceeds the 37 fatalities recorded for the whole of 2021, and even the 39 fatalities in 2019, before COVID-19 struck. 

We are halfway through the “Heightened Safety Period” announced by the Ministry of Manpower on 1 September 2022. Companies should always do their risks assessments before commencement of work, review WSH practices and control measures, and regularly check and maintain equipment and machinery. Communicate with workers and emphasise the need to follow safe work procedures. 

Take time to take care of your safety and health; find out more and get resources.

We wish everyone be safe and healthy for the rest of 2022!