Public consultation for WSH Guidelines for Healthcare

26 Oct 2022 Announcements

The WSH Guidelines for Healthcare was developed in 2008, with its first revision in 2015. It provides guidance in managing workplace safety and health (WSH) risks in various healthcare settings and institutions, including hospitals, community hospitals, private hospitals, nursing homes, medical and dental clinics, Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics and veterinary clinics. 

With the transformation of the healthcare landscape and the COVID-19 pandemic, the needs of our healthcare workers are evolving and we need to look further into their well-being. A workgroup comprising representatives from various healthcare institutions, associations, unions, community care agencies, and regulatory bodies, was convened to review and revise the current WSH Guidelines for Healthcare, under the guidance of the WSH Council (Healthcare) Committee.

Given changes to the industry over the years, the workgroup has updated the guidelines, with key changes being:
a) Identifying and updating all legal and relevant requirements;
b) Including a section on Roles and Responsibilities to better guide the industry in clarifying the respective roles and responsibilities that are common across healthcare settings;
c) Including a chapter on Health and Well-being to better guide the industry to take care of the health and well-being of their staff; 
d) Updating WSH risk management methodology; and
e) Updating guidance on prevention and emergency response in the event of an outbreak (e.g COVID 19). 

We invite industry members to share your feedback on the draft WSH Guidelines for Healthcare prior to its publication. Please email the completed public consultation form to by 26 November 2022.
We value your views and your insights will help to shape the future of workplace safety and health in Singapore.