Protect Our Workers From Heat Stress

01 Apr 2022 Announcements

Global warming means that workers doing outdoor manual work will face higher temperatures each year.  

This results in greater heat stress risk.  More workers could face heat cramps, exhaustion, or even die from heat stroke. 

As we enter the warmer months of April and May, take care of your employees working outdoors by: 
- Making sure they are hydrated and drink at least 250ml every 30 mins. 
- Scheduling heavy physical work to cooler parts of the day. 
- Encouraging them to take regular breaks under shade.  
- Recognising signs and symptoms of heat stress in workers early. 
- Monitoring the wet bulb globe temperature, and adjust work-rest cycles according to the measured heat exposure limits. 

MOM inspectors will be visiting workplaces to ensure that adequate measures are taken to prevent heat injuries. 

Download the WSH Guidelines on Managing Heat Stress in the Workplace.

Get more resources on how to manage heat stress.

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