Nurturing the Next Generation of Safety Champions through Student Safety Leadership Programme

06 May 2022 Announcements

The enhanced version of the Student Safety Leadership Programme (SSLP), featuring digital delivery that can more easily achieve wider outreach, was officially launched at MOE’s N3 Cluster meeting on 21 April 2022. 

The SSLP involves teaching students simple and basic mental risk assessment using the “LOOK.THINK.DO” concept. With this knowledge, student leaders are more aware of hazards and can then make safer decisions to avert harm to themselves, their schoolmates, and even school staff, before and during the conduct of any activity. The programme features a hands-on “Spot the Hazards” group exercise and provides students the opportunity to identify hazards and risks, and how they may be mitigated. 

When the students become leaders and managers in their workforce in future, they would already have some background in risk assessment, which should lead to a more pervasive workplace safety culture. 
N3 Cluster shared the journey of the SSLP in MOE schools and highlighted that the enhanced digital version includes case studies to deepen students’ understanding and prepare them for the in-person hands-on “Spot the Hazards” group exercise. This rollout provides more flexibility for schools to take ownership and conduct the programme independently, allowing faster scale-up of adoption. 

Moving forward, the WSH Council will continue to engage MOE, Clusters and individual schools for the adoption of SSLP. To have a better understanding of the enhanced SSLP, refer to these Student Safety Leadership Programme (SSLP) digital materials.