Incorporation of Experiential Learning Stations for WSQ Apply WSH in Construction Sites Course

17 Oct 2022 Announcements

The Workplace Safety and Health Council collaborated with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to introduce experiential learning for the WSQ Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Construction Sites (AWSHCS) course. 

WSH Training Providers will have to incorporate experiential learning as new course requirements in the training curriculum for all new and existing construction workers who fail their recertification tests, with effect from 1 November 2022.

Experiential learning is intended to better acquaint and familiarise workers with common hazards in a typical construction worksite. Learners will have the opportunity to personally experience workplace “accidents” conducted under a safe simulated work environment. Such experiential training helps a worker to better assimilate the lessons imparted by the trainer. This experience also raises a worker’s WSH awareness and encourages him/her to be more proactive and vigilant in WSH.

The experiential learning stations comprise (i) Fall into Opening; (ii) Pinned or “Crushed” by a heavy construction machinery; (iii) Confined Space; (iv) Suspension Trauma; (v) Tilting scaffold experience; and (vi) Electrical System.

Companies registering their workers for the AWSHCS course can refer to SSG’s website for the list of training providers.