Commissioner for WSH outlines "3Ms" WSH Priorities for Construction Sector

22 Mar 2022 Announcements

On 17 March 2022,  Mr Silas Sng, Commissioner for Workplace Safety and Health, delivered the Keynote Address at the Construction Safety & Health Conference 2022. He outlined the “3Ms” WSH priorities for the construction sector: 

Manpower – ensure that workers are provided with sufficient rest and hydration as the weather will get hotter in April.  Special attention needs to be paid to new and less experienced workers from overseas. 

Machinery – ensure that only authorised and competent operators can access and use the machines.  Keys to the machines should not be left unattended while the machine is not in operation.   

Major Injuries – put in measures to address common causes of major injuries such as Slips, Trips and Falls, Amputations, and Struck by Moving Objects.

Mr Sng concluded by stressing the importance of Risk Assessments and urged the sector to implement them seriously.  Doing so is the cornerstone in preventing workplace accidents.