Calling for Public Comments on Singapore Standards by 2 Sep 2022

08 Jul 2022 Announcements

Members of the public are invited to provide feedback on the following draft Singapore Standards for publication:

Electrical and Electronic 


Code of practice for earthing (Revision of SS 551:2009) 
This standard covers the methods which may be adopted to earth an electrical system to limit the potential of current-carrying conductors that form part of the system. It also takes into account non-current-carrying metalwork associated with equipment, apparatus and appliances connected to the system.
The revision incorporates earthing methods at the local utility’s substation where the methods or requirements of such earthing may have to be changed. 

Other changes include: 
a) industrial and commercial distribution systems, and measures to be taken to reduce the effects of high frequency interference and low voltage systems; 
b) earthing of conductors for safe working; 
c) substations; 
d) additional information on documentation. 

Quality and Safety 


Specification for slip resistance classification of pedestrian surface materials (Revision of SS 485:2011)
This standard provides the means of classifying pedestrian surface materials according to their frictional characteristics as established through testing. The test methods applied enable characteristics of surface materials to be determined in either wet or dry conditions. 

The standard is applicable to “pedestrian surfaces” that include public trafficable areas. It does not cover industrial work areas where the public is generally excluded, or carpets.

Please email to your comments on these standards by 2 September 2022.