Unauthorised representation of the WSH Council by a company

04 Feb 2021 Announcements

Note: WSH Experts has amended the contents of its mailer and website according to our advice

It has come to the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council’s attention that a company known as WSH Experts Pte Ltd had circulated an electronic mailer giving the false impression that it was authorised by the WSH Council to do safety certification.  

On its website, WSH Experts had also indicated that its services included “Auditing - RM Audit, SAC Audit for bizSAFE & other ISO Standards”, and that it offered courses on the “bizSAFE Level 1 workshop for CEO”, “WSQ-Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan”, and “WSQ-Develop a WSH Management System Implementation Plan”, when in fact it is neither accredited nor approved to provide such services.

The WSH Council would like to remind all companies not to make false claims that their products or services are being authorised by the WSH Council.  We reserve the right to take legal action against any company found to have deliberately misused our name in an attempt to mislead the public in the promotion of its own products and services.  

We would also like to urge companies to check the websites of the Singapore Accreditation Council and SkillsFuture Singapore for their respective lists of accredited/approved service providers, should they need auditing or training services.

Anyone who comes across such unauthorised representations or claims by any service provider may contact the WSH Council at contact@wshc.sg