Tripartite Oversight Committee Report 2017 to 2020

10 Feb 2021 Announcements

The Tripartite Oversight Committee (TOC) on Workplace Health was set up in 2014 to help workers achieve well-being by adopting a holistic approach to manage their safety and health. 

In its first term (2014 – 2017), the TOC raised the awareness of safety and health holistically, impacted the overall health of hard-to-reach mature workers, and increased the adoption of healthier behaviours among workers in business clusters. 

In its second term (2017 – 2020), the TOC on Workplace Safety and Health expanded upon the work done in the previous term to incorporate workplace safety and hence was renamed the Tripartite Oversight Committee on Safety and Health.

View the full Tripartite Oversight Committee Report 2017 – 2020 on MOM website. 
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