First Quarter 2021 National WSH Statistics

17 May 2021 Announcements

1) More injuries and occupational diseases in 1Q 2021 compared to 1Q 2020 

We are heartened that the industries have responded and maintained vigilance following the spate of fatal accidents in February 2021.
With the increase in the number of injuries, we continue to call on the industries to prioritise workplace safety and health (WSH) even as we recognise the current challenging situation.    
We urged employers to ensure that their workers have adequate rest so as to prevent fatigue and accidents.

2) Manufacturing and Construction continue to see most fatal and major injuries
In 1Q 2021, Manufacturing saw 41 fatal and major injuries while Construction contributed 32 fatal and major injuries, higher than the past four quarters. 
The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has mounted ‘Operation Ibis’, targeting the Construction and Manufacturing. 
Over the next two months, some 400 worksites and factories will be inspected focusing on machinery safety and checks on qualifications and training of persons involved in the operation of machinery.

3) Slips, Trips and Falls (STF) remained the top cause for major injuries 

This is the 3rd consecutive quarter increase, reaching 61 major injuries in 1Q 2021. 
STF accidents occurred commonly in stairs or steps, or slippery areas such as toilets and slopes.  
The WSH Council will be launching an STF Campaign in June 2021 to make STF risks and preventive measures more apparent.  

MOM and the WSH Council urge all employers and employees to “Take Time To Take Care of Your Safety and Health”.  

View the WSH Statistic infographic in MOM website.