Work-at-Height Symposium 2024

20 Mar 2024 Symposium Past Event Work at Height

  • Date:

    19 Mar 2024

  • Time:

    9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

  • Location:

    Max Atria @ Singapore Expo, Peridot Level 2
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Held on 19 March 2024, the Work-at-Height Symposium 2024 was themed "Taking Ownership of your Work-at-Height Safety”.  Aimed at raising awareness on individuals’ responsibilities focused on work-at-height (WAH) safety, the Symposium brought together industry leaders, safety experts and professionals to explore innovative approaches and share best practices in fall prevention and protection.

Event Highlights and Learning Points 

In the last three years, falls from height have stagnated with falls from ladders accounting for half of major and minor injuries. To support the industry, Mr Abu Bakar Mohd Nor, Chairman of the WSH Council (National Work at Heights Safety) Taskforce, announced the release of new ladder safety resources including an enhanced ladder safety pack, WAH videos and animated GIFs.

Zheng Keng Engineering & Construction shared about their company’s fall prevention and protection practices, highlighting the integration of WSH technologies to effectively mitigate the risk of incidents.

Haulotte Singapore presented about the latest Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs) safety technologies and innovations, including exemplary practices that have contributed to enhanced safety measures when using AWPs.

Singapore University of Social Sciences spoke of psychological and behavioural aspects of WAH, namely understanding the motivators behind behaviour and potential strategies for companies to foster positive changes, and incorporating Human Factors Engineering principles into safety behaviour assessments and interventions.

National Healthcare Group elaborated on improving injury outcomes, by explaining the significance of a coordinated and prompt response to those injured, strategies and factors to consider when handling on-site fall incidents, and the impact of a regional trauma system on a patient's survival and rehabilitation post-accident.

During the Symposium, eight industry associations pledged their commitment to WAH safety by calling on their member companies’ top management to:

Establish WSH reporting channels for their workers;
Empower workers to stop work if they feel unsafe;
Include WAH safety performance and compliance criteria in procurement policies and have sub-contractors who are committed to WSH be under their preferred list of companies for tendering; and
Track sub-contractors’ WAH performance and ensure they are bizSAFE Level 3 certified.

Read the Opening Address by Mr Abu Bakar Mohd Nor at the Work at Heights Symposium 2024.
Download the enhanced Ladder Safety Pack.